a clean energy investment


We offer exclusive rates through our trusted financing partners 

Coastal Energy Solutions

Our mission is to provide solar energy and storage solutions for customers across the world while creating employment opportunities, allowing property owners to attain energy independence, and simultaneously reducing the net carbon footprint. 


If qualified, property owners will be offered the opportunity to have $0 upfront cost, 25-year equipment/part warranty, 25-year roof warranty, 25-year production warranty, 25-year plan maintenance program, and 25-year labor warranty built into one monthly charge per month.


If qualified, property owners can apply for Financing through our trusted partnerships with established banks. Low interest rates are available to qualified individuals with an acceptable credit history. with are also entitled to a 30% Federal Tax Credit on the total installation cost.


Eligible for Residential & Commercial

Not everyone can buy a solar system outright with cash and with this option, those who qualify can have a solar energy system installed with $0 upfront costs and low monthly payments. With a solar loan, an electric bill can be reduced or eliminated. 


Own Your System

If you wish to own solar installation on your property right away, then this option is for you. This option requires a financial investment up-front and gives you the opportunity to maximize your savings right away. Purchasing can yield an immediate increase in the equity and value of your property.